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Muhammad Yunus - Grameen Bank

Uploaded By: Martin Scheer. Added on: 14 July 2012.
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Global X has had many chats with Muhammad Yunus, but most of the time when the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize laureate was talking to other interesting people, such as Peter Gabriel, Pamela Hartigan, Vera Cordeiro, Rachel Payne, Sakena Yacoobi or Albina Ruiz.

Global X even met his daughter Monica Yunus, a soprano with the Metropolitan Opera in New York who sang in French just for him (and a few thousand other people): a piece from Gounod's Romé et Juliette. Her French was very good, thought Global X at that time.

At last, a few weeks ago, Global X had a chance to sit down with the Professor to have a little chat. Just the two of them (and a movie crew).

Global X, for once, was mesmerized and actually became speechless. Listen to Professor Yunus as he tells the story of the first US$27 loan in a village of Bangladesh, the loan that launched the microfinance movement. Watch him as he recalls how surprised he was that it took so little money to free village women from modern-day slavery, humiliation and torture.

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