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Time.com: Articles on "Intelligent Cities"

Find some articles about "Intelligent Cities" on www.time.com. For having a look at various articles exploring relationships between technology and urban space, please click here.

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Ecocentric, http://ecocentric.blogs.time.com/

Visit http://ecocentric.blogs.time.com/ for topics related to green energy and related themes. Ecocentric is a blog from Time.com. Have a look at the website of Time.com for further related articles on green energy and alternative forms of energy sources. {googleads left}

Green Energy: the use of tidal power (Ex.: www.minesto.com)

Have a look at an article on green energy, using the Deep Green Underwater Kite to use energy of ocean currents. Further informatgion can be obtained directly from the website of the enterprise Minesto, www.minesto.com. A video on Minesto Tidal Eergy in avaiilable at YouTube.

A related article on "Top 20 Green Tech Ideas" can be found on time.com. A full list is available here


Economic Geography: Institutes & Faculties

In the section "Institutes & Faculties" you can find an individual page for currently more than 760 departments or faculties within Economic Geography and Economic Development. We tried to cover the most relevant departments in that area, but please let us know if anything is missing. Currently - in November 2010 - just basic information as well as contact information and links to Geography departments are available.


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