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A related website in Facebook is now available at http://www.facebook.com/economicgeography. Have a great day!


Education Communities

Education Communities

The site will also help to support creating an Education Community within Economic Geography and Economic Development. The website will also help as auseful source for students who can share information and help each other with questions related on lectures and seminars.

Further information on the creation of Education Communities are available at the website www.intercultural-education.org. Misson of this website is the creation of an education community within International and Intercultural Relations. Similar to the Platform Economic Geography, you will find a forum on International Relations and on Study Abroad issues, a community and network for profesionals and academics, as also information on related areas and topics. The network and community has the intention to function as a register and directory - a who's who - on persons working in International Education, in International Relations Offices, within the area of internationalization of Higher Education Institutions, and other profesionals engaged within international education.

Economic Geography

Welcome to www.economic-geography.org !

On the website www.economic-geography.org you will find information on many different aspects of Economic Geography, on related conferences, links, study options, publications, jobs and positions as also tools for communication and discussion with colleagues.

Some of the most important tools and offers on this website are: 


You can join our new “Community on Economic Geography”, our international  education network, and insert academic and personal data, publications, your CV, offers, projects, and stay in contact with colleagues and friends - or create new contacts within your profession. The community is connected with a personal mailbox, a list of members, and with your profile within the forum. Please register to access the community section.


The Forum on Economic Geography is dedicated to share and exchange information on a great variety of different thematic areas, as well as on conferences, study options and job listings. You will also find a suitable space for discussion on a great variety of theamtic areas within Economic Geography.


We created more than 20 different sections on various thematic areas within Economic Geography, like on Business Clusters, Geopolitics, Globalization, Economic Development as also on Social and Urban Geography. We hope you'll find suitable information within these topics, like on related institutions, links and further information. On each topic you will also find some basic, brief introduction and general information, together with suitable links.

We hope that this page will meet the interest of profesors and profesionals within Economic Geography and Economic Development, and also serve students to enhance their interest and knowledge about Economic Geography and related areas.

So welcome again to our new website, and we would be pleased to welcome you as well as a new member of our Community on Economic Geography! Please also don't hesitate contacting us for any questions about cooperation - we would love to welcome you on our team!!


Social Entrepreneurship

What is Social Entrepreneurship? And why is it gaining importance so fast? This article will try to offer some approaches, sources and links on work, efforts, importance and ideas on Social Entrepreneurship. For further information and articles please have a look at the menu on the right. You will also find some information and articles on this thematic area within the forum, together with information on Muhammad Yunus, founder of the Grameen Bank and recipient of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize.


Testimonials on Study Abroad

Often students quote that one of their major experiences during the academic career has been their studies abroad, an enriching experience with another culture, in another country. But most students make their decision about where to go based upon their "gut feeling", or on the comments of some friends who already have studied in this or that country, at this or that university.

In order to provide more and more detailled information, you soon will find a new section of student testimonials on this website.


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