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Politics and Practice in Economic GeographyHow do geographers do economic geography? In the last fifteen years economic geography has experienced a number of fundamental theoretical and methodological shifts. Below you will find information and explanations of the most popular research methods in Economic Geography.

An introduction, discussion and presentation of various research techniques offer the publication Politics and Practice in Economic Geography. This text explains and interrogates these fundamental issues of research practice in the discipline. This is the first sustained discussion of methodological issues in economic geography in the last twenty years. It comprises an extended discussion of qualitative and ethnographic methods; an assessment of quantitative and numerical methods; an examination of post-structuralist and feminist methodologies; an overview of case-study approaches; and an inquiry into the relation between economic geography and other disciplines.

Concerned with examining the methodological challenges associated with that "cultural turn," the text explains and discusses:

* qualitative and ethnographic methodologies

* the role and significance of quantitative and numerical methods

* the methodological implications of both post-structural and feminist theories

* the use of case-study approaches

* the methodological relation between the economic geography other disciplines like neoclassical economics, economic sociology, and economic anthropology

With short, accessible, and engaging chapters, this is a critical assessment of qualitative and quantitative methods in economic geography.

Leading contributors examine substantive methodological issues in economic geography and make a distinctive contribution to economic-geographical debate and practice. This will be an essential primer for all students of economic geography, as well as human geography more generally.





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